Inclusion & SEND

We are committed to being an inclusive school. We foster an ethos in which every student is motivated to strive for excellence and achieve his or her best, regardless of ability or background. We believe in great teaching to ensure children’s needs are met in the classroom in the first instance.

We meet the needs of all children by building on what children already know and can do, working together with parents and other agencies and providing additional adult support when needed. We believe in early intervention to provide the right support for our children.

We are committed to providing equality of opportunity in a community that values and celebrates its ethnic and cultural diversity. By getting to know your child really well, we understand how each individual learns best. Our SENCo is Angela O’Connor.

We value children’s wellbeing and mental health and have been a flagship school for over 10 years for Place2Be. Our children, families and our staff can access 1:1 sessions with counsellors and our School Project Manager for Place2Be. Children can also self-refer and attend lunchtime Place2Talk sessions with friends.




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