Working with Parents

We believe that parents have a fundamental role to play in helping children to learn effectively at school.

We do all we can to inform parents about what and how their children are learning by:

  • Sharing information at the start of each term, which outlines the topic that the children will be studying.
  • Holding parents’ evenings each term.
  • Sending parents annual reports.
  • Keeping the website and Twitter up to date.
  • Explaining to parents how they can support their children with homework.
  • Sending a fortnightly newsletter to parents.
  • Inviting parents to share class assemblies and whole school events.
  • Holding workshops to inform and involve parents in their child’s learning.

Parents support their child’s learning in school by:

  • Promoting a positive attitude towards school and learning.
  • Ensuring that their child has the best attendance record possible.
  • Ensuring that their child is equipped for school with the correct uniform and PE kit.
  • Informing school if there are matters outside of school that are likely to affect a child’s performance or behaviour.