At Goldfinch , we are dedicated to providing a comprehensive computing curriculum that equips our young learners with essential digital skills to navigate the modern world. We are committed to preparing our students for the digital age by fostering and developing their computational thinking skills, creativity, and responsible use of technology. Our goal is to lay a strong foundation for their future academic and professional endeavours in the ever-evolving world of computing.

To effectively deliver the computing curriculum, we utilise the Teach Computing curriculum which has been created by experts from the National Centre for Computing Education in conjunction with the DfE. This is a structured framework providing lesson plans and assessment tools, ensuring a systematic approach to teaching computing concepts. Our computing curriculum is divided into four main units: Programming, Data and Information, Creating Media and Computer Systems and Networks. 

These units cover the three main strands of computing set out by the National Curriculum: Digital Literacy, Information Technology and Computer Systems and Networks. 

Digital Literacy: Empowering students to use technology safely and responsibly while understanding digital communication.

  • safe online behaviour, digital footprints, privacy, managing online information

Computer Science: Introducing students to fundamental concepts of problem-solving, algorithms, and basic programming.

  • computer systems, networks, programming, computational thinking

Information Technology: Providing an understanding of digital systems and their societal impact.

  • exploring different hardware and software, data handling, word processing, animation, digital media

Online Safety 

Furthermore, we also follow the Education for a Connected World framework along with resources created by Project Evolve to help educate our students on online safety and responsible digital citizenship, covering topics like cyberbullying, safe online communication, privacy and security and health, wellbeing and lifestyle.